CD-Crimea 2010
    Children's rest

    Crimea is one of the most wonderful places for rest and treatment of children. Western coast of the peninsula is recognized as the most popular center of children’s rest.  

    Child's health camps and sanatoriums are in a direct closeness from the Black sea. They have well-equipped and secured territory, comfortable buildings, developed infrastructure. Camps organize a valuable and various nutrition, medical service for children.

    Sandy beaches, clean and even seabed, warm waters of the bay are giving the best fit for bathing and rest of children.

    Splendid combination of magnificent nature, historical, landscape and other monuments, tourist’s infrastructure and qualified personnel, availability of objects and variety of routes make Crimean peninsula very comfortable for all types of child tourism and rest.

    Children’s rest in Crimea is a brilliant entertaining program which contains different shows and festivals, contests and concerts, disco and sport activities. Besides, camps are providing their young guests with educational programs. In some capms children can communicate with English-speaking students from Europe. 

    One of the most popular child's health camps are child’s camp with English tendency “Cockatoo”, Komarov child's health camp, child’s camp “Mandarine”, International child’s center “Artek”, International center of rest of young people “Starry coast”, etc.