CD-Crimea 2010
    Rest and entertainments

    Travel agencies of the peninsula provide tours about the culture, traditions and life of the peoples inhabiting Crimea and hold historical festivals and holidays. Especially popular are the programmes about the stay of the Romanovs in Crimea, Yalta conference of 1945 at which the destiny of post-war Europe was decided and also other programmes connected with later events in the Crimean history.

    More than 170 landscape objects, a variety of terrain and natural features provide for the development of active tourism (hiking, bicycle tours, safari and others). In Crimea there are about 1,500 caves, 4 of which can be visited by tourists. Red, Marble, Three-eye and Emine-Bair-Hosar caves welcome tourists to their galleries, halls and underground lakes. 

    Hunting tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Crimea. Forests occupy 274,300 hectares (677,81 acres), 26% of which are national parks. Fowl and hoofed animals hunting is offered to tourists. One of the best-rated hunting grounds of peninsula are the National hunting economy of Alushta, Bahchisaray, Dzhankoy, Sudak, Old Crimea, the National hunting economy “Cold mountain” in Belogorsk, The Crimean republic society of hunters and fishermans. Each of them provides whole complex of services which includes registration of documents, meeting, settling, food, gives a cross-country vehicle, escort of hunter, etc.

    Crimea is becoming more and more popular among hunters from abroad. Rural green tourism has become a new popular form of tourism.

    The modern recreational infrastructure in Crimea offers various kinds of leisure. Scientific tourism is gaining popularity. State Nikitsky Botanical Garden shows a collection of fruit and ornamental plants and holds exotic fruit sampling and demonstrations of products produced from them. Grape and wine institute "Magarach" wine offers wine tours as well as unique methods of wine treatment.

    For a long time Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas demonstrates the aquarium, where hundreds of exotic fishes and marine animals are collected. Also on territory of Crimea there are 5 Dolphinella Shows in Alushta, Evpatoria, Feodosia, Yalta and Sevastopol. 

    There are Crimean astrophysical observatory and The National Space Control and Test Center that have radio-telescope of long-distance space connection over 70 meters in diameter among the largest scientific centers of peninsula .

    There are also diving clubs in the Black Sea area, Saki, Evpatoria and Sevastopol, yacht clubs in Lenin and Chernomorsk regions, Kerch and Evpatoria, 7 zoos, including the most popular – "Skazka" in Yalta. There is an ostrich farm and a donkey farm «Chudo Oslik» (Bakhchisarai region) that is very popular with children.   

    Over last couple years a few water parks were built such as the "Aquatic world" in Sudak, "Zurbagan" in Sevastopol, "Blue bay" in Simeiz, "Banana Republic of "Acuaparcos" in Evpatoria, "Almond grove" in Alushta.

    Extreme tourism is presented by aeroclubs, rock-climbing clubs and speleology. Horse tourism is well developed as well. There are more than 12 horse-racing clubs on the peninsula. Centers of horse-riding tourism are situated in Belgorod region near Yalta ("Carier" club), by the bottom of Demerdzhy mountain (Alushta), within the Sevastopol area and Sudak. Horse trips for many days are taken over the most picturesque places of mountains of Crimea and seaside. Large horse-riding centers for tourists are on the top of Ai-Petri mountain (seasonal) and in Solnechnoselie village of Bahchisaray region.

    Due to its favourable geographical position, Crimea gives a lot of opportunities for the development of sea tourism. Sea ports of Yalta and Sevastopol are included in the cruise programmes of international companies, such as “Holland America”, “Princess Cruises”, “Silver Cruises”, “Royal Olympic” and others. Various guided tours are provided for the tourists of cruise ships (cultural, literature, palace and wine tours).  

    Autotourism is becoming more and more popular. Autotourists are increasing in number and motels, campsites, petrol and service stations are available for them. This type of tourism gets even bigger popularity also because of carrying yearly rally event "Prime Yalta Rally", which is held every September over the mountain streamers of Crimea - one of the most entertaining and demanding competitions and represents one of the stage of European Cup. The best rally crews of Ukraine and foreign countires are taking their trials on the narrow twisting roads of mountain streamers.

    Crimea is famous for its traditional festivals. These are classical music, theatrical art and cinema festivals and forums. Fireworks Festival in Yalta, Historical Fencing Festival “Genoa Helmet” in Sudak and Aeronautics Festival in Feodosiya, musical festivals "Kazantip" in Popovka village (Evpatoria), "Jazz Koktebel" are the most popular ones.