CD-Crimea 2010
    Sights of Crimea
    Here we placed information about best sight of Crimea. You can find full list of sights in alphabet order.

    • Alupka Park
    • Alupka Park (is known also as The Vorontsov’s Park) is the park on the territoty of Alupka (The Big Yalta). This is the park art monument, which was founded at the begenning of XIX century by the rule of German botanist Carolusl Keebach. The Park  makes an ensemble with The Voronrsov’s Palace.
      Alupka Park stretches for half a kilometre from east to west and the same length from north to south, occupies an area of 40 hectares.

    • Vorontsovs Palace
    • Vorontsov’s Palace is situated in Alupka on the foot of Ai-Petri mountain. The palace was build as a summer residence of an outstanding Russian statesman, General-Governor of New Russia M.S. Vorontsov (1782-1856).

    • Genoese Fortress
    • Genoese Fortress is a monument of medieval architecture of universal importance. It is the only preserved Genoese citadel in the Crimea.It was boult by Genoese in the period between 1371-1469.The fortress is situated on the ancient coral reef, in a conical form, near the Sudak Bay of the Black Sea.

    • Site of ancient settlement Pantikapey
    • Pantikapey is a Miletus colony founded in 6th century BC on the shore of Kerch Bay of the Taurida peninsula. It is an antique city, the predecessor of Kerch, was a former capital of the Bosporus State.

    • Counts Landing Stage
    • Count’s Quay is the emblem of the city with  has been connected the history of Sevastopol since its foundation till nowadays. It is situated in the center of the city on the south coast of the Sevastopol bay. Count's Quay forms the facade of the city and the sea it’s one of the most important architectural landmarks of its central part.

    • Koktebel winery of vintage wines and cognacs
    • Today “Koktebel” winery of vintage wines and cognacs is a modern enterprise fit out with up-to-date equipment; it manufactures more than 20 brands of various wines from fine dry wines to full-bodied strong and dessert wines.

    • The Fortress of Yeni-Kale
    • The newly built fortifications were called Yeni-Kale, which is translated from the Tatar language as just a “New Fortress”.

    • Swallow's Nest Castle
    • The Swallow's Nest castle was recognized a winner of 7 Yalta Wonders Contest-Action in 2008.

    • Livadia Palace-Park Complex
    • Big Livadia Palace is a former summer residence of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

    • Yalta Promenade
    • Yalta Promenade is the oldest central, extremely beautiful street. Its official name is Promenade named after Lenin.

    • The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens
    • The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens are the most famous and popular park of the South Coast of the Crimea. The Gardens combine nature, history, art and science. They are home to 30 000 species from all over the globe.

    • The monument to the Scuttled Ships
    • The monument was erected in 1905 by the 50th anniversary of the first defense of Sevastopol, when Russian sailing ships were scuttled “to close the entrance against the enemy ships in the outer road and thus to save Sevastopol".

    • Khersones Tavricheskiy
    • Chersonesos Tavricheskiy is one of the centers of the ancient civilization of the North Black Sea region.

    • Yalta Prime Rally
    • The best Ukrainian and foreign rally crew try their own strength on narrow winding mountain lacets.

    • The Grand  Canyon of the Crimea
    • The Grand Crimean Canyon is one of the peninsula nature wonders, an amazing creation of nature. This is a deep mountain gorge 3 km long carving the Ai-Petri mountain range.

    • Dshur-Dshur Waterfall
    • Dshur-Dshur Waterfall is the most powerful waterfall in the Crimea is situated on the territore of Alushta district, to the neibourhood of the village Generalskoe, in the Haphal gorge wich appeared as a result of the water of the river Ulu-Uzen on the height of 468 metres above the sea level.

    • Uchan-Su Waterfall
    • The location of the highest Crimean waterfall. Uchan-Su Waterfall is situated on the southern slope of Ai-Petri mountain in 6 kilometras from Yalta. Its heights is 98,5 metres. 

    • Cat Mountain
    • Cat Mountain is a cave in the Crimean mountains near the village Simeiz.  is a complex natural monument of state importance (since 1984) in Simeiz. The name is originally from the crimea-tatar Kosh-Kaya (Qoş Qaya). Later the name was interpreted by Russian inhabitants: the shape of the mountain was associated with a cat that was sitting. The height of the mountain is 254 meters.

    • Valley of Ghosts
    • Valley of the ghosts is an area in the Crimea, the concentration of fantastically shaped rocks on the western slope of the southern ridge of the array Demirci. The forms of the rocks caused by weathering of the Upper Jurassic conglomerates of the southern Demirci. The valley of ghosts is a popular tourist destination, which received its present name in the end of XIX century.

    • Kara-Dag State Reserve
    • Kara-Dag State Reserve  is a state reserve in Ukrane on the south-eastern part of the Crimea. The reserve is situated on the territory of volcano massive Kara-Dag. The main aims of the reseve’s work are studing the biodiversity, monitoring of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

    • Cape Aya
    • The south-western edge of the Crimean mountains – cape Aya is a unique natural complex, a preserve of republican importance. Here one can see a leopard whip snake listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. In the littoral waters submerging its warm waters one can find crabs, squids and mussels.