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    The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens
    • The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens
    • The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens are the most famous and popular park of the South Coast of the Crimea. The Gardens combine nature, history, art and science. They are home to 30 000 species from all over the globe.

    The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, the green treasure of the country, are 6 km of Yalta. Vegetation representatives of all subtropical regions of the globe are collected here. Founded in 1812 not far from the village of Nikita (that explains its origin), he Nikitsky Botanical Gardens are one of the oldest research establishments. 

    The only place where the Californian oak grows on the territory of Ukraine is Lower Park of the Gardens. The Maritime Park has the most delicate heat-loving plants and bushes featuring the myrtle, feijoa, orchid tree, tiny palm-tree khamerops.

    The Nikitsky Gardens have the Allepo pine, Algerian fir, Californian oak, Arizona cypress, red cedar and the only iron tree (Persian parottia). Pride of the Nikita Botanical Garden is Dendrological Park, where are over 1,700 varieties and forms of tree and shrub species collected from all over the world. The park is planted over 600 forms and varieties of flowers and about 250 kinds of hot-house plants.

    The tree is 6 m high, has wide oval leaves that turn pink-orange in autumn.

    Numerous diplomas and awards testify to the success of the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens. The jubilee medal that was struck to commemorate their 100th anniversary have the following inscription :” Per scietiam ad vitam” meaning “Serve to life via science”.

    International exhibitions in Austria, USA, Belgium highly appreciated their activity.
    The Gardens are split into several parks : the Lower Park, the Upper Park, Cape Montedor Park, Maritime Park. The parks are not connected with each other from the territorial point of view. Now the alive collection of the garden has got 30 thousand species, hybrids and varieties of plants of almost all countries of the world.

    The Seaside Park was founded over eighty years ago. The southern part of the garden, sheltered from cold north and north-easterly winds by Cape Marian, is suitable for planting heat-loving plants. 

    The park is planted with many plants, previously grown only in the greenhouse. Rare plants of Japan, China and the Mediterranean give a special charm to the park.

    On both sides of Seaside Park are two more interesting objects of Nikita Botanical Garden. In the east is Reserve "Cape Marian," which remains the most valuable corner of the background of sub-Mediterranean forests, which grow in the pristine conditions of rare trees, shrubs and grasses - a total of 500 species - and all this wealth on 120 acres of protected land. The reserve is a natural laboratory for scientists of  the garden, so for massive tour it is closed.

    The Park on Cape Montedor located to the west of Seaside Park, close to Yalta, where  with native species are - oak, fluffy, high juniper - grows a number of relict conifer Exotics: many species of pine trees from around the world, metasekvoyya with a gentle, falling to the ground in winter, needles.

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