CD-Crimea 2010
    Treatment in Crimea

    Recreation in Crimea is truly unique. These are, first of all, health-improving resources such as subtropical climate and evergreen vegetation of the south of Crimea, salt lakes with considerable silt mud reserves, deposits of hill muds, bentonitic clay and mineral waters in western and eastern Crimea.   

    The development of health resorts in Crimea is currently one of the priority directions. It is based on the usage of mineral waters, therapeutic muds, beaches, climatic and landscape resources, sea and mountain air and others. 

    In Crimea there are 13 resort regions, 656 health resorts, health improving institutions and campsites as well as 223 small hotels. 300 out of total number of the institutions operate all year round and 400 are seasonal. 

    Treatment at health resorts is one of the main stages of health care. It is most affordable and attractive for all social classes of Ukraine and CIS (countries of the former USSR). Sanatoriums and boarding houses providing treatment make of health resorts and are located mainly on the southern coast of Crimea as well as in Yevpatoria and Saki. Many Crimean health resorts are specialized and have good healing diagnostic facilities where the modern methods of treatment are applied (speleotherapy, aromatherapy with application of medical essential oils produced in Crimea, bioresonance vibrostimulation). 

    On the basis of healing factors, resorts are divided into three types: balneal, mud and climatic resorts. Crimean resorts possess some natural healing factors: climatic, balneal and mud (Yevpatoria, Saki, Feodosiya), climatic and balneal-climatic (Yalta, Alushta, Sudak). The leading natural healing factor at balneal resorts is mineral water and leach used for external balneal procedures (baths, showers, inhalations, irrigations and others) as well as for ingestions. 

    Natural factors of the Crimean resorts facilitate the treatment for diseases of respiratory apparatus, organs of hearing and sight, digestive apparatus, organs of locomotive system, effects of traumas and diseases of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, effects of traumas and diseases of spine and pith, diseases of central and peripheral nervous system and dermatopathy.    

    Spa programmes have been actively applied in Crimean resorts. Spa philosophy is a quick recreation, maximum relaxation and health recovery with minimal time expenditures (programmes lasting from 1 to 12 days are proposed). Modern Spa medicine succeeded in synthesizing the most effective health treatment methods that have stood the test of time. These are the exotics of India, the wisdom of China, the originality of Thailand, the expressiveness of America and the unpredictability of Russia. It has also succeeded in using these methods together with the modern technologies. The basis of Spa is its naturalness which means that purely natural products are used in all the areas. In Crimea these are aromatherapy (the usage of essential oils and similar aromatic compounds from plants) and anti-cellulite programmes including healing mud (silt and hill mud), blue clay and algae wrapping as well as the usage of natural cosmetic preparations.

    These programmes are used in the majority of health resorts in Crimea, but there are also healing Spa centres ("Palmira-Palace", "Seasons", "Marat", boarding house "Sea", "Mrija", "Planet" etc.). In these centres you can relive stress, get rid of different body problems, lose weight, restore spiritual balance and also rejuvenate your body and soul.